Jul 5, 2016

Zürich my love

Every 3 years Zürich celebrates its fabulousness during 3 days. At the "Züri-Fäscht" the city is packed with great vibes, happy people, fantastic food, loud music, parties at every corner, extraordinary fireworks and of course rollercoasters for every taste and braveness level.

On Friday, the first day of the festivities, the hubster and I went out and we enjoyed a fun night dancing, laughing and socializing with our good friends. It was a wonderfully warm Summer-evening and everyone's mood was full of positive energy and good vibrations.

Unfortunately on Saturday it was rainy throughout the whole day and we skipped our plans on going to visit the Züri-Fäscht. Instead we stayed in, had a lovely BBQ with friends and an exciting Soccer Match on TV to watch.

On Sunday we decided to visit the festivities with our kiddos and our family, and we all enjoyed a fabulous day on the rollercoasters, eating ice cream and roaming around the different places in the city center and at the lake...

Walking around, surrounded by (at least) felt 6 million people, we decided to hopp onto our boat and enjoy the holiday from a more calm and spacious corner of the city, the fantastic lake of Zürich. And we got more than rewarded for this decision... what a marvelous afternoon filled with joy and laughter we got to spend on the water! Pure bliss!

I mentioned it before, and will repeat myself over and over again! Zürich, my home, I love you! There is no better place on this planet to live! 

Thank you for an awesome Weekend!
xx Linda

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