Aug 9, 2016

Waterfall refreshment

On sunday we spent a lovely afternoon (together with at least 3 billion tourists) at the Rhine-Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. Due to the loads of rain that fell the last days, the cascade was really

My girl was a little overwhelmed by the loud noise of the waterfall and the masses of people visiting this wonder of nature... but my boy liked it very much and was blown away by the sight.

With a CHF 5.- entry fee for people starting age 6, it is affordable. We didn't go on the boat to the cascading water, that would have cost extra, but the kids were too scared, so we didn't consider to board the boat.

It has been plenty of years since my last visit and I must admit that I realy liked this little trip! Definitively a must see for any Swissy and a great excursion for any visitors of our beautiful country!

More infos here!
xx Linda

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