Nov 1, 2016

On the English Countryside...

For my husbands round birthday that we celebrated back in April, we got invited to a Weekend in London and the english countryside by two of our dear friends.

The place we stayed at at the countryside was settled in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by greenest hills, horse stables, spectacular little ponds with a boathouse, yummie restaurants, pool and gym, sheep meadows and many other great amenities... The pheasants crossed the streets randomly and the old little villages close by emphasize the picturesque scenery. 

We stayed at a fabulous cottage, with our own fireplace, outdoor bathtub, bicycles to explore, a gorgeous veranda with view of the little creek and a little kitchenette...

The girls enjoyed a little Spa treatment and then then we went on a little bike ride..

At night a little bar-truck drove by and we could order our drinks to enjoy in our cottages... how fabulous is that?

It was definitively a Weekend to remember. Great times with friends and wonderful scenerys to enjoy.

xx Linda 

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