Nov 8, 2016

School is out for...Autumn part 1

After our kids-free trip to London, we left to our Italy vacation en famille.

Our first stop brought us to Milan, where we stayed at the wonderful Bulgari Hotel.

The hotel was very welcoming and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Since the hotel has a wonderful Spa area with an awesome pool, we took the kids to a little swimming session, which was a success...

After a hearty breakfast we went on a little shopping tour through Milans city center. The kids were alright with walking around almost the whole day...and after we found a great playground in one of the many parks they were even more up on cloud number 9...

Icecream is always a good idea, right!?

Milano is definitely great with kids. There is so much to do and to explore and the warm welcome you get when traveling in Italy with kids is one of a kind. And of course lets not forget the yum food you get at every corner, that amkes our and the kids hearts skip a beat!

At "Princi" (all over the city!) you get wonderful coffee and sweets and the pizza and focaccias (also to go) is so worth a visit!

We'll be back for sure!
xx Linda

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