Nov 15, 2016

School is out for...Autumn part 2

After Milan we were headed to the Piedmont. The gorgeous landscape with the many vineyards and the yummie food makes this area a great for quick escape from Switzerland. With only 4,5 hours drive, an absolut winner.

We stayed at a beautifully set Tenuta, which is located in the northern part of the Piedmont. I must admit, we had a great time, but the Service was not on top of it. The Hotel was not fully booked and despite Truffles Season it wasn't crowded or too packed (which is usually a plus in my opinion!). This must be the reason why they must have cut down on staff.. It was hard to order food or drinks and the rooms were nice, but not shipshape clean... Bummer! But nevermind the little minus, we spent a great couple of days there, as we met some of our friends there for a Weekend together and that is reason enough to have a fantastic time, right?

We also went to a real gem of restaurant in the village close to the Tenuta. The restaurant "La Braja" in Montemagno was soooo good! A mindful, warm and welcoming service and outstanding food.. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

On our last day in the Piedmont it was rainy and very foggy. On our way home, as we got out of the "Gotthard" tunnel, we were surprised by the most wonderful sunshine... it didn't last too long though, but what a sublime welcome from homeland! 

It is so nice to being able to travel and visit different places, but it's the best feeling to get home again...
xx Linda

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