Aug 22, 2017

Summer lovin

The heat the last couple of weeks was almost unbearable. A day without being in the water was almost impossible...

Our bost is ALWAYS a good idea!

Playing in the garden with the water slide and the flower sprinkler is great entertainment! 

Diving poolside is the best!

Building, exploring and swimming in the sand at the lake is a winner!

We love summer and we love water! 

xx Linda

Aug 18, 2017


Here my Inspiration board for today..!

Have a great Weekend everyone!
xx Linda

Aug 15, 2017

Vaiana Party

Our babygirl turned 4 last week. Oh my, time is flying and my heart aches of thinking about the baby years gone too quick... but at the same time it is pure bliss to see, how she is growing and becoming a gorgeous young lady with a strong will and a huge heart and absolute adorableness... we couldn't be any prouder of her and love her to pieces!

For her birthday, India wanted a Vaiana themed party... so her wish was my command and I tried hard and did my best to make her and her fellow little friends happy...

The goodiebags I decorated and painted as Kokomoras and little pineapples...

The table I wanted to be tropical and  bright colored...with the help of everything was possible, just  as I had imagined it.

The cakes and cupcakes I did, turned out just how I wanted them, but to keep them the way I originally created them, was hard with the hot weather wanting to melt them. delivered everything I ordered ultra quickly and had an outstanding range on their Internetshop.

To make the atmosphere even more tropical, I arranged hula skirts and leis for our small guests... how cute everyone looked!! (The boys weren't too fond of their outfits though! Haha)

All in all we had a wonderful little party! India had a blast and got spoiled rotten by everyone and Mama was also happy and exhausted after organizing everything... ;-)

xx Linda