Jan 31, 2017

Baking the day away...

Since the grey winter skies and the fog don't seem to have the intention to go away anytime soon, we are figuring out some fun indoor entertainment...

Our latest addition to our activitylist, is this kids-baking/cooking-book. 

My kids love to help me out in the kitchen, cooking and baking alike. So I  thought these recipes (that don't need any scale at all!) with the corresponding 3 serving spoons, are perfect for their entertainment and to support their individuality! It is really easy to understand the "step by step" illustrated recipes - even without being able to read, so the kids can pretty much do everything on their own!

We immediately started with the lemon muffins, and they were very delicious!

Gregory loooved to work by himself!

The best part of this little adventure has definitely been the tasting and the decorating component for him... 

He was so proud of the outcome! 
We will try more recipes for sure!

Get your issue herehere or here!

xx Linda

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