Jan 10, 2017

The first snow arrived...

Happy New Year my dear readers!
I hope you had a wonderful start into 2017!
I wish you loads of luck, tons of health and endless love, for you and your loved ones!

We took the holidays veeeeery slow, as we were all fighting with different infections and sicknesses... but we're back on the right track again..Hurray!

Finally we got some snow! The kids were already kind of desperate and couldn't understand why there wasn't any snow around for Christmas... and now, a couple of days into the new year, we eventually got some snow! YAY!

The kiddos were super excited and couldn't wait to got into the cold white...

The snow angels need definitely more snow to really look like snow angels, but it's the intention that counts!

So lets hope for more snow to make those snowball fights even more fun!

Winter we love you!
xx Linda

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