Apr 11, 2017

Chicken attack...

Our kids are pretty picky eaters... vegetables, fruits are most of the time a no-go. When I can't stand any more pasta on our mealplan, one thing they really like and which usually are a real winner are simple homemade chicken nuggets...

They are super easy and quick, only few ingredients are needed and perfect if the kids like to help you out in the kitchen...

chicken breast
unsweetened corn flakes
salt and pepper

Season the eggs with salt and pepper and mix it well. Dip the chicken pieces into the mixed eggs and then put the chicken into the crunchy corn flakes. Cover them well with the flakes, put them on the tray and bring it into the oven... 200 celsius for about 20 minutes...et voilĂ ! 

Before the oven:

After baking:

They go perfectly with a nice salad and some chips! So crunchy and yummy!

xx Linda

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