Jul 4, 2017

Theme park fun!

On the Weekend we went with our good friends to Germany to the Legoland... This was definitively a dream come true for our kids! As huge Lego-, and even more so Ninjago-fans the visit to Legoland  was a high priority on our to do-list.

We started the Weekend very early in the morning with our journey to G├╝nzburg. After checking in at the "Drachenburg" (another highlight for the kids) we bought our Express Pass for the first day and entered the park. We got those Express Standard Passes recommended by some friends, and this was an absolute winner for us! We were able to visit all the highly frequented rides without any waiting in line, so we could check out everything with no hurry and revisit the rides we liked as much as we wanted, without loosing any precious time. 

The kids looooved all of the exciting rides... and India was able to join us on almost all of the many roller coasters...

Of course there were also "slower", more unhurried rides for the smaller ones, which we also enjoyed a lot!

After a super exciting long day at the park we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the hotel. I must admit, the food in general was unexpectedly very delicious, at the park and also at the hotel. So we got happily surprised by this fact.

Our family room was spacious, super clean and almost brand new.. The dragons and knights theme was a total success with the kids. The room even featured a lego box for the kids to play at the room...

The second day was a bit rainy...nevertheless the day before, we kept a couple of rides open, well suited for the rainy day and as we entered the park really early, we even got to revisit our favorite rides again, without waiting in line!

We went home super happy and super tired. We experienced a fantastic Weekend with great friends and enjoyed visiting the fun Legoland!

Definitively two thumbs up!
xx Linda

PS: This post was NOT sponsored!

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